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Mew @ 93 Feet East - 27th Oct '05 [Wed, 03 May '06 @ 1:48pm]

More procrastination! More photos! :D haha!

Please ignore the words on some of the photos, i had to put them on for my project last year. I didn't get to print some them without the words :\ Maybe next time.

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Bloc Party @ Brixton 28/29th Oct '05 [Wed, 03 May '06 @ 1:24pm]

Since i'm procrastinating on studying for my exam tonight, and i'd posted once here... here are some old photos! :P I've got more/newer photos but.. i think i'll post them later.

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Pages from my Concept workshop sketchbook [Sat, 01 Apr '06 @ 9:02am]

I finally got my Concept workshop sketchbook back after looking for it in the studios for ages. I'm quite happy with some of the stuff I did in it. I think. I wish it could've gone better.

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CD inside cover filler for Mr. Regan [Sat, 01 Apr '06 @ 8:55am]

Something I drew for a friend in his mix CD booklet. I owe him a birthday present.

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Dug around, found some old art [Mon, 27 Mar '06 @ 4:11am]


Alice and the White Rabbit

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SILENT ALARM REPACKAGED! [Wed, 08 Mar '06 @ 12:57pm]

Well, so i wanted to post something in here but i got zilch :P So this is something from the archives. SIELNT ALARM REPACKAGED! Because Bloc Party is love. Originally posted on the 7th of December '05.


It's done XD My SILENT ALARM REPACKAGED! haha! Well, i was meant to pick a band and make a CD booklet for my final photography project, so guess which band i picked XD Well, it was between Franz, Mew, and Bloc Party. I spent about 5 hours in the dark room again, with breaks in between, such as going to dinner and the hall meeting (darn it! got to take everything off the walls before going on winter break T__T and i have so much crap on the walls), but overall i think the whole project, including the case, developing pictures (and negatives), printing out, and sticking words down on seperate pieces of paper took a total of 12 hours to make.

So anyway, if you want to see my Silent Alarm Repackaged, here it is. Based on the theme of destruction and a somewhat bleak future.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I was meant to put the booklet in a CD case, but because it was so fat i had to make a case to put it in, along with a slim card CD holder. It took a while to make but i'm glad i made it. People who were also doing last minute work in the dark room were looking at me like "WTF?" while i was making it because they just couldn't believe they i was spending time making a case. The case is kind of crap anyway :P haha!

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Stories and Team Process books [Wed, 08 Mar '06 @ 1:21am]

If you've read my LJ, you've probably read about my last group project for uni. Since I'm lazy to reiterate whatever I've last written, please click the link to see what the whole thing is about. ;) Alright, so all I've written in that last entry is about the contents of the book, but the final completion of it was up to me. Basically, after everyone has done their illustrations and typed up their respective stories they were given, Natalie would compile them together, print them out and give them to me to bind. I then designed the final book covers, printed them out and sewed them together.

Yup, so "Stories" is the title of our book. It's not the most imaginative title in the world, but we needed to come up with something quick for the hand-in.

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In conjunction with this storybook which we're all really proud of, we had to compile a book of useless data on group working for our lecturer. There is absolutely nothing of interest in this next book, but again I did the cover design and binding for it. Page layouts done by Natalie (Chris was meant to do them but panicked at the idea at the last minute).

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I think I'm getting pretty good with hand-making books now. :)

I'll post my (rubbish) illustrations for Stories in the next post.
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It's up! [Tue, 07 Mar '06 @ 7:34pm]

Hellooooo Miss S. (sugicy), I finally got off my ass and stopped procrastinating. Start posting whenever you want. :D

Hellooooo fellow visitors, this community is closed, but please feel free to friend it if you wish to be up to date with our postings! :) If you want to know more about what this whole thing is about, just pop on over to the info section and take a gander.

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