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Stories and Team Process books

If you've read my LJ, you've probably read about my last group project for uni. Since I'm lazy to reiterate whatever I've last written, please click the link to see what the whole thing is about. ;) Alright, so all I've written in that last entry is about the contents of the book, but the final completion of it was up to me. Basically, after everyone has done their illustrations and typed up their respective stories they were given, Natalie would compile them together, print them out and give them to me to bind. I then designed the final book covers, printed them out and sewed them together.

Yup, so "Stories" is the title of our book. It's not the most imaginative title in the world, but we needed to come up with something quick for the hand-in.

Kudos to Squidfingers for the patterns. ;)


This illustration didn't look impressive on white paper, but in here, it's brill. ;) Done by Jayda.

My illustration. Yeah, it's rushed.

Japanese stab binding technique, red embroidery thread (it had different shades of red in it!), hard covers. The dimensions of the book are 15 cm x 15 cm. Papers inside are Canson China White, 150 gsm (but they were stuck back to back, so they were probably 300 gsm, HAH). I would say this book took me 5 hours to make.

I know, you're probably thinking Japanese stab binding would be a huge disadvantage for a thick book with heavy papers such as this, but I didn't want to burden my group with any more work if we went along the coptic stitching route. (We would have to arrange the spreads so they were printed out correctly, signatures, and blah blah blah... insert book printing jargon here. ;))

As much as I really like this book, it was a real pain in the arse to make. First of all, I didn't have a stabbing awl, hammer or sewing needle, and since the pages were quite thick (they were stuck back to back as Nat's printer wouldn't align the papers correctly to print on both sides), I had to take 4 pages at a time and puncture holes with a stapler (used that as a hammer) and a sewing needle (and I used that as a nail). I broke that needle, sadly. I also scored along the margin line for all the pages so the book could be opened properly. I would like to think the effort was worth it though. :)

In conjunction with this storybook which we're all really proud of, we had to compile a book of useless data on group working for our lecturer. There is absolutely nothing of interest in this next book, but again I did the cover design and binding for it. Page layouts done by Natalie (Chris was meant to do them but panicked at the idea at the last minute).

I didn't want to put the logo on the front cover, but we had to.


So yes, as you can see, meaningless information on how many hours we spent working, how much each person contributed... about 70% of this project will be marked based on this information alone, and not the final product (our storybook)!

HAH, the profile section. This one is slightly bigger so you can read all about moi. :| Drawings done by Sean, and by the looks of it, I think I look like an emo kid to him. @_@;;;

Again Japanese stab binding technique, same red hued embroidery thread, hard covers. The cover was printed on brown parcel paper and then pasted on hard back boards. The dimensions of the book are about 14.8 cm x 14.8 cm. Papers inside are normal printer paper, 80 gsm (again stuck back to back, so they were 160 gsm).

After that tedious session of making holes with a sewing needle, I went to the hardware store the next day and bought myself an awl. :) I thought that would be the end of my days of breaking needles, but I broke another one while sewing this book together. D'OH! The binding process went so much quicker for this one (thanks to my awesome awl, ahaha), but it got slightly delayed by my screwing up the pages... I helped out Natalie by putting the pages together, but I ended up sticking them wrongly so I had to print them out again. :S

I think I'm getting pretty good with hand-making books now. :)

I'll post my (rubbish) illustrations for Stories in the next post.
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